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Connect it to your internet to provide your city with access to Helium, a low-power long range network connecting BILLIONS of gadgets

How It Works

The CoolSpot mines & you earn HNT, Helium’s Cryptocurrency. Every month, 20% of your device’s mining rewards goes directly into your Helium Wallet.  More connection equals more earnings.

What Is It?

The Helium network is a low powered long range network that allows all sorts of digital devices to communicate.

Connect it to your internet and provide your city with access to Helium, a low-power long range network connecting BILLIONS of gadgets. 

Getting Started

  1. FInd out if you are Eligible
  2. Order a Coolspot
  3. Set it up by a window
  4. Earn!

More Ways To Earn

Refer a friend and earn 5% of their CoolSpot rewards for 12 months!

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Devices Activated

Building the Global IoT Wireless Network


How Do I Set Up My CoolSpot?

You will need to download the Helium app from Apple/Android and follow the instructions here. You can watch a simple 5-minute tutorial here.


How much can I expect to earn per month?

Your CoolSpot will earn you 20% of mining rewards, which depends on multiple factors including:

1.) the Price of HNT

2.) Connectivity to other CoolSpots

3.) Engaging in Proof of Coverage challenges

4.) Distance from other CoolSpots

5.) The placement of the CoolSpot in your house.

My CoolSpot is online, but I don’t see it on the Emrit Dashboard?

Usually, It will take 72 hours to your reflect your Coolspot stats and earnings in the Emrit dashboard.

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What is Emrit?

Read up on how we’re growing the global IoT network of the future here:

Our Plan

Where do I see my earnings?

You will utilize your host dashboard on to view your current HNT, Bonus’s, and referral amounts.


If I would like to refer someone, how do I do so?

You will go into your personalized dashboard and utilize your unique URL code, this ensures the earnings will be associated with your account.