Key Features

  • Unlicensed band Long Range (LoRa®) bidirectional communications capabilities
  • LongFi™ Technology Helium LongFi™ is a technology architecture that combines a leading wireless technology, LoRaWAN, and the Helium Blockchain. LongFi™ is optimized for miles of range, and long battery life for IoT devices.
  • Connect Anything
    • Create a new global network for billions of devices
    • Any IoT device can become Helium-enabled using readily available off-the-shelf hardware components, software, and a reference design that is open source for anyone to improve upon
kerlink helium miner

Getting Started Guide


Wirnet™ iFemtoCell/ iFemtoCell-Evolution include the following:

Wirnet™ iStation include the following:


Connectivity Options

When a gateway is installed at a site, three configurations are possible regarding WAN technology used:

  1. Ethernet connection (preferred and available on all Kerlink devices)
    1. The Ethernet cable is not provided with the Wirnet™ iFemtoCell. The maximum Ethernet cable length is 100m.
  2. Wi-Fi connection (only available on iFemtoCell)
  3. Cellular 4G with 3G fallback (only available on iFemtoCell Evolution and iStation devices)

Setting connections for iFemto and iFemto-Evolution

  1. Before setting all connections, ensure that the power supply is not connected to the mains supply. 
  2.  Connect  power supply cable, Ethernet cable and LoRa antenna connections
  3. Add a SIM if need be (iFemto-Evolution only)

Setting Connections for iStation

  1. Connect Power of Ethernet cable the PoE injector. Two Ethernet cables  are required (1) router to POE Injector and (2) POE Injector to iStation

  1. Connect with LoRa antenna (optional not included). iStation has an antenna because there is one internal
  2. It is recommend to install an external lightning protection (not provided)
  3. Attach the SIM card (if necessary)

Installation Location

For best mining performance, place the device next to a window with a celar view as high as possible. Avoid putting the Hotspot in locations where it can’t see the outside world: in basements, in cabinets, behind TVs, metal screens


iFemto/iFemto-Evolution Power up

  • Power ON: 
    • Once the RF antenna, the Ethernet cable and the power supply jack connector are connected  the Wirnet™ iFemtoCell can be powered ON. To POWER ON the Wirnet™ iFemtoCell, connect the power supply onto the 110V-230VAC mains supply.
  • Functional check
    • To ensure the Wirnet™ iFemtoCell is started up, check the behavior of the LED indicators:

LED 1: Power 

  • Red blinking during the kernel boot 
  • Green blinking during system boot 
  • Green when boot is finished 

LED 2: Backhaul 

  • Red during boot 
  • Red if Packet Forwarder is disconnected 
  • Green blinking during PacketForwarder connection 
  • Green fix if PacketForwarder is connected 

LED 3: LoRa Traffic

  • Red during boot 
  • PacketForwarder management 
  • Rx: green blinking 
  • Tx: red blinking

iStation Power up

  • Power ON
    • The Wirnet iStation gateway is powered with a PoE injector. Connect the PoE output connector to the Ethernet port on the bottom side of the gateway.

The iStation should power on, showing a solid green LED, accompanied by a red LED starting solid, then blinking during bootup.

  • Functional check


Connection via Ethernet (simplest and preferred. Available on all Kerlink devices)

  • Plug the Wirnet™ iFemtoCell to the WAN access point with an Ethernet cable. The connection will be established automatically. 

Connection via Wifi (only available on iFemtoCell)

  • If you have a WPS-compatible (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) Wi-Fi Access Point, press the WPS button on the Wirnet™ iFemtoCell  and then press the WPS button on the Wi-Fi Access Point of the installation. The connection will be established automatically.
  • If you do not have a WPS-compatible Wi-Fi Access Point. You have 2 options
    • (a) Wired Ethernet: Connect the Kerlink device via ethernet cable and a computer to the same router (same subnet) .
    • (b) Over Wifi:  Open wifi settings on your computer/phone and connect to Kerlink access point (look for a wifi  network named “klink…”) . Use wifi password is the MAC ADDR printed on the back of the device  without the “:”  For eg MAC ADDR 70:76:FF:02:AB:CD will be entered as “7076FF02ABCD”
    • login with admin/pwd4admin
    • Many users are experiencing the WiFi setup widget taking sometime to load.  Please wait for the page to fully load.. There is a page loading indicator. This sometimes can take upto a minute.
  • Go to admin/network, wait for wifi list, select the Home WiFi network that you want the Kerlink device to connect to , enter Home Wifi password and  Save configuration. (See screenshot below)
  • The Kerlink device will now connect to your Home Wifi network

Connect via Cellular 4G (only available on iFemtoCell-Evolution and iStation)

  • Insert SIM.
  • If configuration does not work out of the box, you may need to configure APN of the SIM card on the web interface.
  • The user has to input the MCC/MNC of their SIM card


  1. Download the Helium app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store depending on your phone and go through the account setup process. You will be taken step by step to generate a 12 unique word passphrase  and set a pin code. Kerlink support needs version 3.4.6 or later 
  2. As the Helium App says, it is crucial that you write all of the 12 words down in the correct order and store this in a safe location. If you do not you risk not being able to re-gain access to your HNT wallet.
  3. Make a note of your Helium Wallet address, which will be required in the next step.


Open Helium App. Click on Add hotspot

Select Kerlink iFemto, iFemto evo or iStation

Web Onboarding

To identify your gateway, you need  to enter the serial number  on the product label. You can provide the MAC address, Board ID or Product ID from the product label.

One more device ID is needed to register the device. You can provide the MAC address, Board ID or Product ID from  the product label.

You will now see a message below showing device onboarding is complete . If on a mobile phone click on the QR code to complete the process.

You will be taken back to Helium app, where you need to set a location for the Hotspot.

Once location is set, your hotspot will go into registration. It can take unto 15 min here.


Once this complete’s your Hotspot is registered on the Blockchain. Congratulations!


  • For shipping and order related issues, please contact Cal-chip or the distributor that you purchased equipment from.
  • For non-order related issues,
    • Check resources on support page for Kerlink devices
    • Quick questions can be posted on Emrit Discord > Kerlink channel