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Welcome to the World's fastest growing
IoT wireless network

CoolSpot is Powering the Helium and LoRaWAN network

Hosts get CoolSpot (Hardware, software, tools and Customer support) 100% free and Emrit shares 20% of the earnings for hosting Emrit's CoolSpot at their space and providing network coverage.

Super hosts refer to their neighbours, friends and colleagues and earn 5% of the first year earnings of each referral host. So if a Super host referred 10 hosts, he or she would earn 50% from the referral and 20% from their own hosting.

Regional Deployment Partners (RDP) powers their city, state, region or even a small country and provides 100% network coverage and meets the customers SLA by using Emrit's technology and business platform. You can apply here and will be invited if qualified.

Become a host, super host or RDP and be a proud founding member in building the world's largest IoT network #ThePeoplesNetwork

What is an Emrit Coolspot?

Just like a Wi-Fi Hotspot you use to connect your devices except you earn Helium (HNT) every time it is used.

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How can I Earn from this?

HNT is your reward for hosting and being an active, valuable participant in the Helium Network.

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How do I Install this?

You just need to be plug it into a power source and be connected to WiFi or an Ethernet port.

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How Secure is this Device?

End-to-end encryption is used to secure your device on ensure your privacy multiple layers.

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Emrit is tackling the problems of today
with the technology of tomorrow

Current IoT Problems

Bluetooth is too short (30 feet)
WiFi is private and short range (300 feet)
5G is too costly (1000 feet)
Cellular networks are not affordable ($10/month)

Emrit CoolSpots Solutions

LoRaWAN long range protocol (2 to 10 miles)
Helium's Peer to Peer Wireless infrastructure
Small data packet keeps cost low ($0.5/month)
Emrit provides hardware, software and tools for free

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Start working with Emrit and become part of The Network Built By You. We provide you everything you need with no costs, shipping or hidden fees.

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Start working with Emrit and become part of the Network built by you. We provide you everything you need with no costs, shipping or hidden fees.