Q– I have come to “you do not own this device.” 

A– THIS IS EXPECTED. You do not own this device, it is owned by Emrit. Once you have come to this screen simply back out completely. You can view your earnings on the Emrit.io dashboard.


Q– How do I set up my CoolSpot?

A– You will need to download the Helium app from Apple/Android and follow the instructions. You can watch a simple 5-minute tutorial here – https://youtu.be/PRfrve9YWeo


Q-How much does it cost for me to host a CoolSpot?

A-CoolSpots are always free to host with Emrit!


Q– How much electricity does a CoolSpot consume?

A– Your CoolSpot will consume less than an IKEA LED lightbulb (5W) at peak.  


Q– How much can I expect to earn per month?

A– Your CoolSpot will earn you 20% of mining rewards (around $25), which depends on multiple factors including the price of HNT, connectivity to other CoolSpots, engaging in Proof of Coverage challenges, distance from other CoolSpots, and the placement of the CoolSpot in your house.


Q-Can I have more than one CoolSpot in my home?

A– To ensure proper coverage of the network, CoolSpots must be placed no closer than 300 meters apart. 


Q– Where do I see my earnings? 

A– You will utilize your host dashboard on Emrit.io to view your current HNT, Bonus’s, and referral amounts. 


Q– If I would like to refer someone, how do I do so. 

A– You will go into your personalized dashboard and utilize your unique URL code, this ensures the earnings will be associated with your account. 


Q– When do I get my payment?

A– You will be paid by the 10th of each month. After one full month of hosting has been completed. 


Q– Can I withdraw at any-time?

A– You will be paid directly into your Helium wallet by the 10th of each month. 


Q-How many CoolSpots can I order?

A– We recommend our hosts to start with one to three. You can order them through our ordering system and input the addresses of where the CoolSpots will be activated.


Q-I want to order more so I can earn more, can I do this?

A-Yes, however, you can only have one per household. We recommend that you send your referral link to your friends and neighbors so you can earn even more!


Q– How long does my 5% referral bonus last?

A– You will be eligible to receive the bonus for an entire year. 


Q– When will I receive my order?

A– Order may take between 3 days and 2 weeks. 


Q-How do I track my order?

A– You will receive a tracking number once your order has been shipped. This will be viewable in your personalized dashboard. 


Q– I am moving, can I take my CoolSpot with me?

A– You will need to ship your CoolSpot back for reprovisioning. We will take care of all the shipping and handling. 


Q– I have a hotspot, not from Emrit, can I still host?

A– Yes, you can still host as long as the devices are not closer than 300M apart.


Q– How do I check the online status of my CoolSpot? 

A– You will access your device’s status through your dashboard.


Q– My device went offline, how do I get it back online?

A– You will repair your device with your app. This should bring you CoolSpot back online. This may take more than one try. Connect it to the Helium app and run the diagnostic check on it. 


Q– My device says it’s still syncing, when will it complete?

A– If after 72 hours the syncing has not completed please contact success@emrit.io.


Q– What happens if I decide to no longer use a CoolSpot?

A– Email success@emrit.io and we can send you a shipping label to send back to us.


Q– What happens if my CoolSpot is broken?

A– Email success@emrit.io and we can send you a shipping label to send back to us.


Q I am having issues with my CoolSpot, where can I find additional information?

A-You can always email success@emrit.io.


Q-How do I join the community discord?

A-You can join the community discord by clicking here – https://discord.gg/emrit


Q-What is your business plan?

A- Read up on how we’re growing the global IoT network of the future here – https://bit.ly/emritplan


Q-How can I become an RDP (Regional Deployment Partner)?

A- We’re looking for individuals who can scale 100+ CoolSpots in a region, city, or locale – https://bit.ly/emritRDP