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Emrit gives users decentralized tools to equip and empower them to build a better tomorrow. Ready to join us?

About Emrit

By sharing the wealth, we’re growing wealth everywhere.

Emrit was founded to help individuals and businesses generate passive income by building the infrastructure required to bring a secure, decentralized web to reality.

Why? Because we're giving individuals and partners direct access to low-investment passive cryptocurrency earnings for deploying blockchain and wireless technology in their homes and businesses. Join us and you can earn income or grow faster by capitalizing on real estate you already own with zero-added stress. Convert cryptocurrency earnings to fiat currency with ease. In a world that’s already complex, we’re here to help make the path forward clear—and prosperous—for everyone.

What makes Emrit unique?

New technology brings new opportunities. That’s why we’re pioneering a revolutionary model of entrepreneurship that puts revenue-generating blockchain technology in homes and businesses everywhere. 


Innovative Hardware

Our devices power leading-edge blockchain applications like the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless, and environmental monitoring that earn tokens and rewards.

Low Cost

Zero-to-low cost model

We supply the hardware at zero or subsidized cost. You supply an internet connection and 5 watts of daily electricity. We share the earnings. It’s that easy.

Group 1336

Community of earning

We’re here to provide technical support, a referral system that lets you scale your earnings, and an ecosystem of like-minded people that discuss new ideas and technologies.

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The idea that became Emrit came from Adi Arul, a blockchain enthusiast whose passion was ignited in 2018 at the age of 11. Adi’s first blockchain investment came when he asked his parents to pay him in Ethereum for his chores. He then invested those profits in crypto and made $100,000! Adi then took an even bigger risk, investing half his profits in Helium gateways - which paid off big! Adi was the first Helium miner to implement a successful large-scale deployment, right in his hometown of Atlanta, and the business model was validated. That’s when Adi’s parents Arul and Kavitha, blockchain venture capitalists, stepped in to guide this explosive growth, bringing together a world class leadership team of startup veterans, blockchain experts, and executives that make up Emrit today.

In short: Emrit stands for EMERgIng Technology. But on a grander scale, we stand for building a global community and network with partners all over the work to bring passive income and IoT connections to everyone, everywhere. In 2019, when Adi Arul discovered that bringing the IoT network to the world could be as simple as powering his e-scooter with trackable sensors, he knew he was onto something important. That’s why he started by deploying CoolSpots all over Atlanta, then quickly moved onto the world.

Today, we’re a global team of core employees, individuals, partners, IoT device manufacturers, and network partners, and we’re all dedicated to helping everyone generate passive income using accessible technologies, education, and community.

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