We're driving adoption of
Web3 applications that

benefit our communities.

Emrit provides consumers and businesses seamless access to sustainable blockchain technologies that provide real-world utility while mining cryptocurrency.

Let's grow The People's Network together.

What is Web3?

Simply put, it’s a promise for a safer, smarter internet where digital control & ownership is given to individuals. And when ownership is distributed, so is its value.

That’s why Emrit exists. To spread Web3 adoption by commercializing & scaling sustainable, energy-efficient blockchain projects that reward participants – such as Helium.

We substantially reduce the cost, time and technical knowledge required to mine cryptocurrency so you can easily host decentralized Web3 applications from your home or business.

Join our pursuit of Web3 and see how you can benefit today.

What makes Emrit unique?

Innovative applications

Our mining hardware powers leading-edge, real-world blockchain applications like the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G wireless, and environmental monitoring.

Low-cost model

We supply hardware at a subsidized cost, making it easy for both individuals & businesses to get started.

Community of earning

We’re here to provide technical support, a referral system, loyalty benefits, and an ecosystem of like-minded people that discuss new ideas and technologies.

Get started on the cryptocurrency mining platform made for everyone.