Recurring Revenue. Lower Cap-Ex.
What’s not to like?
Let’s build a decentralized web together.

We're looking for enterprising businesses and communities to partner with us to deploy the blockchain infrastructure that will make up the decentralized web.

Web 1.0

Green shoots of E-Commerce
Desktop browser access
Dedicated Infrastructure

Web 2.0

Social networks
Mobile-first always on
Cloud-driven computing

Web 3.0

A.I.-driven services
Decentralized data architecture
Edge computing infrastructure

The evolution of the Web

We cover hardware costs. You provide the locations, internet, and a little electricity. We share the earnings.

Emrit’s Fleet Management Platform makes it easy to monetize your real estate by earning cryptocurrency for deploying blockchain applications.

Group 3561

Deploy a fleet of thousands of high efficiency cryptocurrency mining devices starting with Helium’s IoT and 5G gateways and PlanetWatch’s air quality monitors.

Group 3564

Manage your mining fleet through our dashboard, tracking and managing earnings, distributing earnings to affiliates, and deploy and reassert mining devices.

Group 3565

Set differentiated payment share for affiliates including installers, franchisees, and / or property owners with multi-level affiliate payment-share capability.

Hey OEMs. Manufacturing Helium Gateways, Cryptocurrency Platforms?

Emrit can be your go-to, go-to-market partner.

Customer Support

Helium network customer support partner for business and retail customers

Group 1333

B2B cryptocurrency treasury management


Provide SDK for high volume, mass provisioning for cryptographic wallets in hardware-based miners

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