Lower CapEx. Incremental revenue. Cost efficiencies.

What’s not to like?

IoT has promised to make homes, businesses and cities smart for the better part of a decade. But the high cost of gateways has been a critical barrier to widescale network deployments for many companies.

But now that’s changing.
As an Emrit Enterprise Partner, we can cover a substantial amount of the cost of IoT and even 5G gateways to power your network or business.

Emrit Partner Use Cases

Smart Cities, Retail Franchises, Shared Public Spaces

Commercial Real Estate, Property & Utility Monitoring

IoT Service Providers, 5G Network Installers, Backhaul Network Providers

Agricultural Companies / Environment and Water Monitoring

Manufacturing Helium miners? Managing a fleet?

Emrit can be your go-to, go-to-market partner


Helium Hardware Technical support
for your retail customers

Provisioning tools streamline hardware onboarding and wallet configuration

mobile app for retail Customer activation and troubleshooting

Interested in partnering with Emrit? Let's talk.