Helium Mining Profit: How to Make Money with HNT

*This blog is educational and not should not be considered financial advice. All investment opportunities carry the risk of losing your principal investment. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Achieving a Helium mining profit has become an exciting enterprise. That’s because HNT (Helium’s cryptocurrency) has started gaining value exponentially – and we think it is only getting started. Transform hesitancy into action today, so you, too, can reap the benefits of Helium mining in the long run.

In this blog, we will:

  •     Provide you an introduction to Helium mining and why we think it’s a great investment
  •     Tell you how you can start mining Helium
  •     Introduce the Emrit Model for Profit-Sharing Mining

Helium: The What and Why

Dubbed “The People’s Network” by its community, Helium is a network built on blockchain technology and decentralized, Web3 infrastructure (Helium hotspots). It provides energy-efficient “LongFi” network coverage to IoT systems and devices that don’t want to rely on traditional cell carriers for reasons of security or cost.

Devices on the Helium network transmit data between one another on the Helium blockchain. Blockchain technology ensures immutable security and energy efficiency. It’s a modern solution to age-old internet problems. To learn more about the specifics of blockchain technology, read up on our blog.

Helium is not simply an alternative to centralized coverage structures but a game-changing challenge to centralized coverage – and a remarkable investment opportunity.

HNT has already gained around 4000% in value on exchange networks in the past year. At the beginning of 2021, one HNT was valued at around $1.30. Now, in February, its value has reached around $30. The market cap of Helium has expanded to over $3 billion dollars.

And it doesn’t take a crystal ball to infer that Helium has only started growing. Take a cell carrier like Verizon. Verizon has a market cap of over $220 billion. Of course, Verizon is a household name in the US, with significant cell infrastructure in every state. But even a regional carrier like Spectrum has a market cap of $115 billion.

Unlike both Spectrum and Verizon, Helium is a global network. Its growth potential is incredibly high; if it’s already got a market cap of $3 billion now, in the early stages of its infrastructure rollout, just wait until Helium continues expanding. In fact, Helium is already preparing to build on its IoT coverage and launch an additional decentralized 5G network in the near future.

That means global, decentralized cell coverage for human users. Sounds promising? Ride the wave of growth by setting up a Helium miner as soon as possible.

How Helium Mining Works

Mining Helium starts with a Helium hotspot. These low-energy devices plug into your outlet, connect to your WiFi, and are best positioned by a window, as high as possible.

Low-energy isn’t just a label – the electricity usage of the average Helium miner is equivalent to that of a 5W light bulb (the one in your ceiling lamp is likely 100W). In other words, once set up, you’ll barely notice it’s there (besides seeing the passive income accumulate).

How is it possible to make money with so little energy? The Helium network is built on radio waves, in essence using old technology in new ways. It’s green and effective.

Since Helium launched, twenty third-party hardware providers have designed hotspots approved for use by the Helium community. The actual hardware varies in make and build, but all of the approved hotspot models listed on the Helium website can connect to Helium and start earning you HNT.

Helium miners vary in cost depending on make, region, and provider. But the price point of most hotspots rest in the multiple-hundred-dollars range. In other words, it can be a major investment for an individual consumer. And while you will accumulate HNT over time, Helium mining really only becomes profitable in the long term.

And while that’s far from a get-rich-overnight scheme, there are serious advantages to continuously mining HNT for years. As your wallet grows, and HNT gains value, your earnings will begin multiplying exponentially. Spend money to make money!

The obvious disadvantage is the front-loaded financial investment. A $600 dollar device is expensive, and it will likely take you some time to accumulate enough HNT to make it pay off (you will, eventually. But it’s a long game!). That’s where Emrit comes in.

The Emrit Model

Emrit is a distributed blockchain infrastructure company, dedicated to deploying Web3 applications, like Helium, that benefit our communities. We employ a profit-sharing model for Helium hotspot miners. That means, we subsidize over half the cost of a miner and send it to you, and in return for hosting it, we split the Helium earnings of your miner 50/50.

Unsure what to think about our business model? Note that Emrit has already become one of the leading Helium miners in the world, significantly supporting the expansion of the network into new geographies. Our investment in you and the network makes us all richer by increasing the valuation of HNT as Helium grows. To support Helium, deployment of new devices is essential.

By joining Emrit, you’ll also be joining a worldwide community of dedicated Emritans. We’re here to help each other make smart investments, maximize our mutual profits, and build the next generation of digital infrastructure.

Emrit’s work is set to continue with exciting blockchain technology projects in the near future. As a member of the community, you’ll be first in line for future partially-subsidized miners on other networks. Helium is the future – and it’s only the beginning.

Summary: Making a Helium Mining Profit 

Investing in a Helium miner is a fantastic way to set yourself up for a gradual, but ultimately exceptionally rewarding entry into the market. By joining Emrit, you can reduce the financial risk to yourself, and still earn Helium consistently, in perpetuity. Your helium mining profits could become a game-changing investment in the long run.

We believe in the Helium network – which is why we want to make a joint investment with you. Together, we’ll be making a big profit in the next few years. You really only need to take a look at the potential market capitalization above to understand why we’re certain mining helium will end up paying off big time.

In this blog we:

  •     Introduced You to Helium’s business model and potential for growth
  •     Introduced the practice of HNT mining
  •     Introduced Emrit’s Profit-Sharing Model

We hope you’ll take a chance on us and Helium – the most exciting days of the internet are still ahead. And we’re building them.

Not convinced yet? Head to our homepage and learn more about the promise of our model. Or join our Discord community and hear from other miners . Come be a part of Web3 – and earn big time in the long run.


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