Helium Network: How much does a Helium Miner Cost?

You’ve read about Blockchain technology and the Helium network. You’ve developed a solid understanding of what those concepts entail. You’re ready to start mining Helium and joining the wireless infrastructure revolution.

And then you stop and ask yourself: wait a minute, how much does a Helium Miner cost? Can I afford to own and operate one? Is it even worth it?

In today’s blog, we will:

  • Review the goals and advantages of Helium
  • Compare the cost of joining Emrit to directly purchasing a miner
  • Stipulate the long-term benefits of joining Helium now

If you’d like to get a basic overview of blockchain technology or Helium, check out our blog posts on those topics.

Review: Helium in Context

The Helium network is a people-driven, low-cost, low-energy wireless network for IoT devices. Dubbed “The People’s Network,” it is secured by the Helium blockchain. It relies on individuals around the world to operate Helium hotspots, which provide wireless network coverage to users of the network.

The advantages of using this network as a company are manifold. Governed by an open-alliance and based on a distribution of existing open-source technology, Helium provides energy-efficient and unprecedentedly secure wireless coverage to IoT systems, including air quality control systems, home security networks, and many more.

Helium hotspots send out a radio-powered LongFi signal that is more energy-efficient than GPU-powered signals from traditional centralized carriers. By distributing hotspots around the world, Helium aims to build a globe-spanning alternative to traditional networks.

In return for operating a hotspot, individuals automatically begin mining helium cryptocurrency (HNT). HNT is earned by providing coverage, securely transmitting device data for clients on the Helium network, and completing random proof-of-coverage challenges.

Clients who use the Helium network pay for use in data credits which are valued in HNT, creating a self-sustaining financial ecosystem for the Helium currency. HNT is at the core of what makes an investment in Helium worthwhile for individuals like yourself.

Helium Miner Cost and Reward

Since Helium launched, dozens of third-party hardware providers have designed hotspots approved for use by the Helium community. The actual hardware varies in make and build, but all of the approved hotspot models listed on the Helium website can connect to Helium and start earning you HNT.

Helium miner cost varies depending on make, region, and provider. But the price point of most hotspots rests in the $500-$1,000 range. In other words, it can be a major investment for an individual consumer. And while you will accumulate HNT over time, Helium mining really only becomes profitable in the long term.

At Emrit, we see that financial barrier of entry as a hindrance to growth – and as an opportunity.

Blockchain networks providing wireless coverage, like Helium, rely on large amounts of distributed network infrastructure to allow their service to become competitive with centralized cell carriers. What better way to get that hardware distributed than by subsidizing its cost for regular consumers?

Emrit has become one of the leading Helium miner in the world – largely due to the success of our profit-sharing model and our army of Emritans. By joining Emrit, you’ll be able to receive a subsidized CoolSpot (a Helium hotspot programmed to work for Emrit). As soon as you set up your simple, low-power device at home, you’ll be earning a share of its HNT profits.

In other words, there’s no easier or cheaper way to get started mining Helium. Why bother with a significant financial investment, when you can become part of a huge community of collaborative individuals? No experience or technical knowledge is necessary.

Long-Term Investments in Helium

Building wireless infrastructure allows the network to grow and become even more attractive to potential clients. More clients, in turn, increase the valuation of Helium, which benefits miners everywhere. That much is clear.

But you might be asking yourself how Emrit’s financing stacks up. How can we afford to subsidize significant hardware costs and still allow you a share of the profits? The answer lies in the scope of Emrit’s vision – and the future potential of Helium.

Emrit’s business model acknowledges two realities: there can be no growth in the network (and the value of HNT) without growth in the physical infrastructure of the network. And at the same time, the potential of Helium is practically limitless. In a world in which wireless coverage can be people-powered and profitable for everyone, we all stand to benefit.

IoT systems around the world are already using Helium to securely transmit their data at a lower cost and higher efficiency. From air quality data to sensor readings for all kinds of applications in smart homes, businesses, and cities, Helium is powering wireless systems of all kinds. Because of the success of the model thus far, more and more companies are choosing Helium as the foundation for their IoT interactions.

That kind of growth means a growing valuation of HNT as well. Since the beginning of 2021, HNT has already increased in value by 3000%. That makes investing in Helium now worth your time. With Emrit, you can get in on the action without breaking the bank upfront.  At a negligible cost to yourself, you\’ll begin earning cryptocurrency that could turn into significant stock in the near future. Our risk is your reward.

Summary: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Self-Starting 

If you’re in a position in which purchasing and owning your own expensive Helium miner is the right move for you, that’s always an option. But there are so many advantages to joining the Emrit community and contributing to the growth of Helium in that way, least of all the negligible cost.

In today’s blog we:

  • Reviewed the advantages and goals of Helium
  • Compared the cost-effectiveness of buying your own helium miner to joining Emrit’s profit-sharing community
  • Explored the growth potential of the Helium network

Beyond creating an affordable, profit-sharing environment for mutually beneficial network development, Emrit also fosters a supportive, interactive community of Helium miners. Becoming an Emritan means embarking on an adventure into the future of digital technology – with new friends around the world.


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