Investing in Helium: Is HNT a Safe Investment?

It’s a great time to start investing in Helium. Imagine taking an investment from tens of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars in a couple of years. We\’re not talking about noble gas procurers like Imperial Helium or Desert Mountain Energy Corp. We\’re talking about the cryptocurrency HNT. It\’s there, more so than in natural resources, that the future of investment lies.

A relatively young cryptocurrency, HNT is mined on the Helium Network, which provides low-power wireless coverage to a variety of IoT clients around the world. As a leading miner of Helium in the world, Emrit knows a thing or two about investing in Helium.

But what does “investing” in a cryptocurrency actually entail? And what’s the difference between mining HNT and simply acquiring it on a coin-exchange portal?

In today’s blog we’ll:

  • Review the Helium Network and HNT
  • Explain the Fundamentals of Crypto Investments
  • Analyze the growth of HNT
  • Explain how you can start collecting HNT without spending a dime

Recap: The Helium Network

In our past blogs, we’ve spent time exploring the Helium network from a technological perspective: what it is, what it does, how it works. Let’s recap some of the foundational ideas.

Helium is also known as “The People’s Network.” Named for the natural gas, the goal of Helium is to be as simple and indispensable as its namesake. Driven by the Helium blockchain and decentralized infrastructure, it provides low-power network coverage to millions of IoT systems and devices that don’t want to rely on traditional cell carriers for reasons of security or cost.

Devices that tap into the Helium network to transmit data between one another are guaranteed secure information exchange and immutability, thanks to blockchain technology. Thanks to Helium, industry after industry will be transformed by a secure, energy, and cost-efficient alternative to traditional cell connectivity.

Indeed, the Helium network represents the full potential of blockchain technology, providing a people-driven, energy-efficient alternative to a service we take for granted. We all stand to gain from data connectivity that is immutably secure and functions on a decentralized, wealth-sharing platform.

HNT is mined by hosting a node of the network that provides “proof-of-coverage,” a kind of consensus mechanism, and transmits data. In essence, hosting a mini-cell tower taps you into the earnings of the network.

The Fundamentals of Crypto Investment

Investing in Cryptocurrency is a relatively new form of investment, particularly because most of the currencies are very new themselves. As with any new product or currency, emerging markets are much more volatile than established ones, meaning that supporting a currency early in its development can be both high-risk and high-reward.

The key to safely acquiring and storing your own cryptocurrency is to use a trustworthy wallet. Just because cryptocurrencies are intangible doesn’t mean you can’t lose them. A wallet with local storage on your device, for instance, can be lost if you lose your device.

As soon as you transfer currency to a marketplace, continue to be vigilant about security. The cryptocurrency heists you hear about in the news never involve blockchain technology, but crypto markets on a traditional server structure.  Just like you wouldn\’t keep precious metals around the kitchen table, you wouldn\’t keep valuable cryptocurrency in an unprotected desktop folder.

Keeping all of those things in mind, let’s talk specifics. HNT, for instance, can be stored and monitored in the Helium app itself. And as an Emritan, all your earnings will be stored in the Emrit app, from which you can transfer them to another digital wallet at will.

That sounds like a lot of things to keep in mind – but it doesn\’t have to be risky. Think of investing in an emerging market like setting out on space exploration. You don\’t exactly know what\’s ahead, but the potential is infinite. And thankfully, HNT has already begun to show its potential – big time.

Helium Stocks: The Growth of HNT

Since the beginning of 2021, HNT has already gained around 4000% in value on exchange networks. At the beginning of the year, one HNT was valued at around $1.30. Now, in December, its value has reached around $40. The market cap of Helium has expanded to over $4 billion dollars.

That’s the kind of indicator that gets investors interested. What can we infer from past performance? Has there been growth, and is the potential of growth high? What kind of financial promise does a network yield at all? And how do we know that Helium will continue increasing in value?

Take a cell carrier like Verizon. Current market cap? Over $220 billion. Even a regional carrier like Spectrum has a market cap of $115 billion.

Unlike both Spectrum and Verizon, Helium is a global network. Its growth potential is incredibly high; if it’s already got a market cap of $4 billion now, just wait until Helium launches its decentralized 5G network in the near future.

In other words, we believe in HNT as a long-term investment. Maybe not for massive short-term gains, but certainly for the potential to make a lot of money in the long term. How do you do that, without risking a huge chunk of cash?

Distributed Infrastructure

The answer to that question is directly related to how HNT even managed to break out of the single digits this calendar year. A big part of that calculus has been the increase in clients who operate their IoT connectivity on the Helium network. That client base has only continued to grow.

The other part of it has to do with the expansion of physical infrastructure. Helium wouldn’t have become an increasingly attractive option for companies if the network hadn’t expanded dramatically.

That’s where Emrit comes in.

As one of the leading Helium miners in the world, Emrit has contributed massively to the expansion of Helium’s viability and thereby the value of HNT. That’s because Emrit is a distributed blockchain infrastructure company. We invest significant sums into the distribution of Helium nodes, or miners, to build the network – and share the wealth.

Earning HNT with Low Financial Risk

That’s where someone like you comes in. If you’re new to the crypto investment game, you might not be ready to stake a significant sum on an emerging currency like HNT. We’re here to tell you that that’s okay. There’s a low-risk way to begin earning your own HNT, without any significant financial investment.

By joining Emrit, you’ll receive a partially subsidized Helium node. Devices that sell for over $600 dollars, yours for $199. All you have to do is plug it in and connect it to your wireless router. You’ll be splitting the earnings of your node 50/50 with Emrit and thereby growing your wallet of HNT with lower financial risk.

There’s no catch – the energy use of an Emrit CoolSpot is equivalent to that of a 5W lightbulb (compare that to a standard 100W lightbulb in your ceiling), and its impact on your utility costs will be negligible. Helium and Emrit rely on people like you to build the network – thereby increasing the value of HNT and making your zero-risk investment pay big time in the long run.

Summary: Investing in HNT Can be Low-Risk, High Reward

Emrit believes in the promise of the Helium network. That’s why we’ve staked a huge part of our first phase of growth on Helium. Taking that risk allows people like you to earn HNT at lower risk to yourself or your finances.

In this blog we:

  • Reviewed basics about the Helium network and HNT
  • Covered the Basics about Investing in Cryptocurrency
  • Analyzed the Growth of HNT
  • Revealed how you can earn HNT without financial risk to yourself

Becoming part of the Emrit family is a great way to get into the crypto world. Our supportive community is tailor-made for people who are eager to learn more, even if they know nothing about blockchain technology! And joining Emrit now is in itself an investment – we’ve got big plans, and we want you to be a part of them!

Come along for the ride into the exciting world of Web3!


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